BPM Media specialise in putting together podcasts for websites at a competitive price.

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What is a Podcast?
A Podcast is a pre-recorded program (audio/video) on a website that can be downloaded onto a listener’s computer, IPod, mobile phone or MP3 player.  They also can be downloaded automatically or manually and be listened to ‘on demand’.

Why have a Podcast?

Value-add to your website – increasing traffic:
Provide extra incentive for listeners to head to the website. You can also run competitions that link the podcast and the website.

Increased advertising potential:
You can tie your existing sponsors to the podcast, to offset the cost, or provide another sponsorship opportunity.  

Excellent communication tool:
Provide important information to your organisation’s members, interviews with key members. Provide up to date results. Can be hosted by organisation members. Talk directly to your members.

Easy to use:
Podcasts can be downloaded automatically on iTunes or manually, at the listener’s leisure. Audio programs are MP3 files and can be used on any computer.

People don’t have to listen in realtime:
Podcasts can be downloaded and listened to whenever and wherever you like. People can listen in the car or on public transport or watch while at work or at home. Podcasts can also be stored over long periods of time.

Cost effective:
Audio-only podcasts are cheap to create and can be uploaded easily. While video podcasting is a little more expensive, it can also be a cost-effective tool of communication and marketing.

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Australian GP Podcast

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